7 Self Love Tips To Be Happier | Preparation Before Photoshoot | Chest And Triceps Workout For Women💗

7 Self Love Tips to be happier this valentines day!

About The Video:

I recommend using these self-love tips to get ready for a photoshoot or anytime you want to look your best and feel “extra”! Watch the video for the tips💓

How you look affects how you feel. Studies show that women feel better after grooming. I definitely agree…after my house burnt down, I felt ragged. I really got into makeup more and learning how to do it using youtube videos. A good distraction.  I also did a fitness competition …another good distraction.  Life isn’t always rainbows and butterflies but we will get through it together!

Also added some behind the scenes from my photoshoot with Mauricio Flores for Respire magazine. This is my respire magazine preparation before photoshoot & prep to get myself ready to shoot feeling fancy and groomed. If you have any more tips you’d like to add a comment below the video I’d love more ideas!

We shot a Chest And Triceps Workout for women for you ladies 💗Go to the end of the video to see it!  Shey and I met up that day by pure coincidence in pink pants so I thought it was fitting for the video! I

hope you enjoy the valentines day workout💓

Products and People talked about in the video:

For The Face:

SHOP Rodan & Fields —————->> HERE

These are my two favorite products from Rodan & Fields that I use! Just LOVE them!

Fav Youtubers for makeup I mentioned:
Carli Bybel 

Eman this is my makeup look in this video 💓

So many good ones…in fact I’d just look in your own makeup drawer and see what you have handy and search it in youtube…so many ideas and looks come up! It’s genius I’m telling you!

Chest And Triceps Workout For Women with Cover Girl Shey Nouri

Chest And Triceps Workout: 3-4 sets 12-15 reps per exercise

Chest fly machine
Chest flys using dumbbells
High cable low press
Cable flys using cable machine
Triceps dips standing/tricep dip
Plate push
Triceps push ups using a bench

9:13 minutes into the video all the workout is there!


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